The Harsh Social Impact of the Shallon Lester Drama

April 24, 2020

What is this whole drama really about? Gender? Psychological Abuse?

00:00 – What Shallon Lester did & her defenders
02:09 – Man vs Women? Gender War & Group Think
05:00 – How both Genders can Abuse.
06:00 – PUAs, Incels & Manosphere vs Shallon & “Female” Content
07:00 – Cancel Culture & Double Standards

09:10 – I’m not only defending Men
11:00 – Deflecting the argument. (Lemons vs Oranges)
13:15- The Divide between Male & Female
17:00 – “Stay in your lane” + Racism
19:26 – My Direct Experience with Manipulation

21:27 – Celebrity Gossip isn’t the Problem
23:00 – If a young girl takes Shallon’s Advice
26:47 – Imagine if your Son or Daughter met Shallon.
29:00 – Why her past action’s still matter
30:48 – My Experience with Bullies & Abuse.

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All Comments

  • I think I watched 3 or 4 of her videos before I realized what garbage she was saying. Like her videos about older celebs (Johnny depp, wyona, etc) I feel like I didn’t know enough about their earlier careers to see that’s she’s a liar. Once I saw her videos of SelGo (and I do consider myself a fan, not a stan) I realized how toxic she was. I’ve been following Sel since I was a kid, and sure, she’s made some fuck ups (13 reasons why, always forgiving Justin, etc) but DAMN she’s not as bad as that. Idk. By the time the BTS video came out I knew her career as a whatever she considers herself was about to be over bc ARMYs don’t play around…

    Guinevere Harrow April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • lol you've gotta be kidding me, trying to say your audience made it a gendered thing? you and richard said on your livestream that you've "never heard a man" talk about and teach other men how to dig up women's past trauma and use it against them, you didn't challenge him on that and continued on with the conversation. THAT is why people commented about it being a gendered thing, love how you don't even acknowledge that.

    stop trying to gaslight your audience you douche

    sonzi x April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • It’s hilarious how all her supporters think what she says is “HER DRY HUMOUR” since when does any type of bullying become OKAY!?

    Perfectly Imperfect April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • In school I received the most manipulation abuse and bullying from girls more than anything. I've had my sexual harassments and other inappropriate situations with men but despite that it still bothers me to see men not even given a chance to share their side like with cases like Johnny/Amber Turd, I've also seen the double standard with those who are transgender. Yeah there are many double standards in society but women like Shallong can so easily ruin/end the lives of men in several ways. If we're going to stand up against abuse for women it needs to be for men too, for everyone. Not to mention, no matter gender, toxic and abusive situations can be different for everyone anyway.

    Emichuu April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • At first I felt sad you felt you had to make this video. By the end I was glad you did, because you stood up for truths and didn't back down. I was physically and emotionally abused by my mother for decades. No one would believe me. My own family ostracized me for trying to discuss it. It's incredibly damaging when the people closest to you try to shut you up and ignore your truth.

    You are dealing with a broad audience trying to invalidate you pointing out the truth of Shallon's behavior – sheerly based on gender. I could feel your frustration at the end. I know something similar to it. All their comments don't change the truth, what she is doing is abusive and wrong. I am relieved to see others see it too. I am thankful that you aren't just letting it go and you're taking a stand. I hope you're feeling better, and thank you for making these videos. 💜🙏

    Bella Rigel April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • OMG!!!? I remember watching her last year (the 1st time I got to know about her), I used to think that at least 70% of the things she is saying is true and even if the things she was talking bout was out right unacceptable (like the Selena Gomez hate videos, and the video on how to cheat,etc), it was justifiable because SHe WaS The SEniOr EdiTor of STar MagAZiNe, so I just let it slide. But even that time thank goodness I had some form of conscience to take everything she said with a grain of salt. But it baffles me on how I agreed to her on things I normally wouldn't have at like the video on how to cheat (I didn't even take time to question why that was wrong). I'm only 15 and I thought that when I become an adult all of this is what normally happens in a relationship and that it would be okay if I cheat on my partner if they sucked (instead of just leaving them which seems like a better use of time and energy). And thank goodness for all of these videos about exposing her are coming out or else who knows what else would more girls of my age would have agreed to. I never thought that being manipulated would be that easy, gosh (it's scary the more that I think bout it). 🙁

    Tag Along April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Amazing speech Pierre – thanks for sharing

    B88 April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • You are one intelligent dude! This video is eloquently done. 👏🏼

    Nikki R R April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • I was a fan for a while because I saw her comments as humor. She legit jokes a lot. But watching your last video, I was taken back. Like woah maybe she wasn’t joking, maybe this is how she feels. I do think she provides good advice to a certain point, I have never taken it, since I feel like my relationships are not that dramatic. I would just see her as entertainment, almost like a guilty pleasure. I watch tarot and informative videos on various topics that she was just someone I clicked to be entertained and as a break from the norm. but now I feel like I contributed to this madness!! Ahh

    Lux Muse April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • This is perhaps one of your best explained videos. When you mentioned the scenario of the sweet boy and then flipped the script that was very well put so that anyone could understand. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for what you do.

    narutoyondaime14 April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Like I said an eye for an eye leaves the hole world blind. Humans are capable of very cruel things. I live my life as treat other how I want to be treated. But man it be nice if we could live in a world were we can have disagreements with out being so hateful.

    mannicqueen April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Shallon is back..🙄 on her podcast..she posted a video ten hours ago for ‘Girl On Top’.

    Katarina Giselle April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • She needs to be put in mental institution i swear 🤮 she just disgusts everyone and if anyone is a fan of hers, they need help too. Period

    Lux Meh April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • I’m shooketh with how many perspectives my mind is processing with this situation, thank you for showing some light to this

    angelica Robles April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • what a rare creature you are, very grounded and clear. absolutely beautiful inside and out.

    Stephanie Yavonne R. WintersRaven April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • She mentioned that vegans are psychopaths. I was like, oh no, that's too much of a generalized idea. Despite her commentary on people, that was a linear perspective on people's love for the animals.

    ElleM4Music April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Thank you for opening my eyes! Ive been a fan of hers for 2 years and I've been emotionally invested as a fan of hers during /after a very bad breakup. Its why there's still a lot of these fans defending her, once they're emotionally invested and feel like she's helped them so much, it' s really hard to listen to other people criticize her. But since I'm no longer in that dark place in my life, it's easier for me to open my eyes and see all the red flags. If you go on her reddit "shallontourage", it's the case for a lot of her former fans. The rest well… they're still very broken by whatever life crisis they're going through and they just cant handle all the criticism against her. They choose to be in denial because they have no one else giving them advice, guidance, empowerment in their lives. She's cultivated a virtual toxic "feminism" cult.

    Reedhwana Syed-Ahmed April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • You just said no one was “Entitled” to tell you that if you speak about lemons that you must talk about oranges as well but now you are saying that if people defend Shallon that they should go defend those other channels as well… You are brilliant in your own way but you’re also entitled and you don’t even know it…

    That Kah De Life April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Immensely out of topic but,have you ever gotten called a girl before,yeah yeah I know your voice is clearly a male but have you. Christ you’re pretty.

    I’m new here, sorry.

    Yeet Street April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • Okay i was a fan for a long time and am still sad about the situation. I've been following her over 2 years and most of the time i felt like she was just giving the harsh truths about life. Confidence is warm blooded, never lie to yourself, use peoples situations as learning opportunities, go to therapy, communication is important…. This was the message i received and the stuff she said about celebs was like whatever cause it was mostly gossip or opinions, at least thats how it sounded to me. But she did become worse or started to show her true colors probably cause the attention boosted her ego. I know shes too toxic now and ive been too dumb and ignorant in the past. I think we as her fans are just confused about how to process the fact that we"ve been living through her advice and if the percieved progress we've made was all wrong.

    Baf Baas April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • I am afraid for my kids 🙁

    Kids Learning TV - fun way to learn April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply
  • there’s so many double standards when it comes to gender it’s ridiculous. gender doesn’t matter when it comes to being a bad person. if you’re a bad person you’re a bad person lol. your gender isn’t gonna save you from being a bad person.

    nanoyu N April 24, 2020 8:56 am Reply

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